Christmas Cookie Exchange

Hope everyone is doing well.  I missed my post last week because I was in St. Thomas with my parents.  This has become somewhat of a tradition for us as we have been going for a few years now.  This year, the weather wasn’t so nice, but we made the best of it and had a good time.  Talks, walks, eating and laughter!

Speaking of traditions… I belong to a Christmas Cookie Exchange.  My friend Denise has been doing this for a long time with her friends and when she invited me I of course said yes!  We have been making and eating cookies for over 10 years now and appreciate them all welcoming me to the group.  The way it works is that we make a dozen and a half of the same kind of cookies for each person.  We have about 7 people that participate, so each of us make about 10 dozen of the same cookies and then meet the weekend before Christmas to exchange.  Someone hosts a brunch and its lots of fun.  We end up with 10 dozen cookies, but now 7 different kinds.  Its a lot of fun and helps get into the Christmas spirit.

I have been making the same cookies since I started the exchange. Easy to make and they are delicious.



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