Pot Luck!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving?  I am!  And, tomorrow, we have a pot luck at work.  This time of year I am usually extra busy at work and I never participate.  I do however, swipe food from the conference room as I am running from meeting to meeting :).  This year, I decided not only will I will participate, I would make my stuffed shells and a dessert.  The stuffed shells are delicious.  I use my mom’s basic recipe for the filling but take it up a notch by adding onions, garlic, spinach and sausage!  That’s right, these are no basic bland stuffed shells.  Hope you enjoy!

With just a few days before Thanksgiving, I am getting organized with my lists!  Yes, I have shopping lists, to-do lists and even a two-day timeline counting us down. This really helps execute a special day with my family. I’ll share some tips over the next couple of days.

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