Way too Long…

Hi Everyone!  Hope you are all doing well.  This was a tough winter and so happy that Spring has Sprung!  It has been way too long since I’ve posted anything and also way too long since I’ve seen my childhood girlfriends from Brooklyn.  Last night, the girls came over and I made dinner.  Against one of my rules, I made things that I’ve never tested by myself before.  Yes, I cooked them with my mother, but its another thing to do it on your own!  Not to mention, the critic (Anna) is not so easy to please.  🙂

Since they came over on a Friday during lent, fish was on the menu for every course.  Josephine brought the wine, Anna, the cake and Maria was sick so she didn’t make it and we missed her!  We started with Mussels in white wine and toasted Italian bread.  Then, I served homemade pasta with fresh clam sauce and lastly, crabmeat stuffed flounder with string beans.  Yes – us Brooklyn girls can eat!!

Everything came out great.  When we were done with dinner, we cleaned up and watched a movie and had Cupcakes by Melissa.  The best ingredients to a good night – good food, good wine and great company!

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