Whoa, what a Braciole!

This was a perfect weekend in New Jersey to make a braised meat dish.  It was foggy and and while not yet cold, it is the start of the right kind of weather to cook using the braising method, sit around and then enjoy a great meal.  Yesterday, we made Beef Braciole.  The Maltese make it different from our Italian cousins and no offense to my Italian friends, but I think we Maltese one up on this one!  We make a velvety, brown, red wine sauce and it is soooo good!  This is one of my top dishes to not only make, but also to eat.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, I sit with my parents and we write out the menu for Thanksgiving dinner.  We create the shopping list and also timeline for day and a couple leading up to the holiday.  I started doing this about three years ago with my mother.  I can’t believe that she single handed (well, with the Sous Chef Tony) did all of the holiday preparing and cooking for so many years – and made it seem so simple.  We have fun preparing and it certainly helps her out a lot.  My three sisters and my niece also help out!  Suzanne, the oldest (LOL) makes the vegetable, Jacqueline makes her famous and delicious sweet potato pie, Jeannette does the mashed potatoes.  My niece Danielle usually creates a beautiful desert.  My next few posts will be about Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy.  Have a great week everyone!

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