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New Year...Old traditions

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

I am not a “New Year's resolution” type of person. Rather, I like to set goals, write them down (writing it down helps me be accountable!) and track progress. A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something and that’s a bit too drastic for me and, frankly, unrealistic. Goals provide direction to achieve a desired outcome. I like to set a goal and work toward it - oh, and I celebrate each milestone along the way.

In an effort to document my mother’s recipes, one of my goals for 2021 is to create a food blog. I had starts and stops for a while now but am committed to it being one of my top goals for the year.

My mother’s cooking is an important component of my family's lives and at each and every holiday, family gathering or small celebration, she works her magic in the kitchen.

Through my observation and assistance, I learned from her and my goal is to document her recipes so my family and-maybe even you-can replicate them.

Given the unprecedented year we just had and reflecting on what good came from it, home cooking is right up there. We obviously spent more time at home and certainly had the time to cook. We also had fun along the way.

My goal (see, I’m writing it down) is to post a couple of times a month. I’ll share stories, recipes and tips I learn. I hope you enjoy and create your own wonderful memories in your kitchen!

Here are some recent photos of things we cooked together!

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